Announcement: Shorlisted candidates for various post.

Criteria for shorlisting candidates for the vacancy:

  1. Sr. Research Officer
  2. Coordinator for IT
  3. Coordinator for Geography & AgFs

The members agreed on five criteria:

  1. Entry level
  2. Qualification
  3. Subject Relevancy
  4. Work experience
  5. Recommendation
  6. IT literacy and research would be a common criteria for all 3 vacancies.

There were 43 applicants for the 3 vacancies.  However, Mr. Rajan Kafley (Subject Coordinator for IT) withdrew his nomination to participate in the selection.

  1. Entry level:

The applicants who did not fulfill the entry level of P3-P2 were disqualified.  There were 13 such applicants.

  1. Qualification: (Bachelors degree)

Although a bachelors degree was required as a minimum qualification, applicant with Masters were given preference.

  1. Subject Relevancy:

Based on the above criteria the following applicants were shortlisted:


  1. Mr. Amit Dahal,
  2. Mr. Karma Jigme Lepcha
  3. Mr. Chhimi Dhendup


Beside the above criteria work experience was also taken into account for the short listing.

  1. Ms. Kuenga Wangmo
  2. Ms. Dawa Zangmo
  3. Mr. Karma Tenzin


The applicants who had done research and publications were given due consideration to be shortlisted.

  1. Mr. Pedup Dukpa
  2. Mr. Kinley
  3. Mr. Tshewang Dorji

Members present:

  1. Secretary of Examinations
  2. Controller of Examinations
  3. Executive Specialist
  4. Chief, AMD
  5. Subject Specialist