Compulsory to pass in Dzongkha

In compliance to the 18th National Education Conference held in January 2017 and in adherence to Royal Education Council Circular no. REC/CDC/01/2016-2017/87 dated 26th January 2017, BCSEA would like to inform all concerned that passing in Dzongkha language paper is compulsory in BCSE, BHSEC, LCSC-X and LCSC-XII examinations from 2017 examinations onwards. No pass certificate will be awarded to any candidate who does not secure the minimum passing mark.

However, for the purpose of merit ranking, the score awarded in Dzongkha language paper may not be considered if it does not fall in the best-four (English & best four for BCSE) / best-three (English & best three for BHSEC) score category as long as the candidate has passed in Dzongkha.

This is applicable to all the candidates wishing to pursue their studies within or in ex-country after the completion of BCSE, BHSEC, LCSC-X and LCSC-XII examinations.

Secretary, BCSEA

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