Important Information for BCSE & LCSC X Candidates

Individual and School Results

Individual candidates can access their statement of marks from the BCSEA website (, G2C online services ( and also through SMS using their individual index numbers:

  • For B-mobile users         : IndexNumber send to 3333
  • For Tashi Cell users        : IndexNumber send to 4040

Principals can access the results of their respective schools through online registration system.

Statement of Marks and Pass Certificates

Candidates can collect their mark sheets and pass certificates from their respective schools by the 2nd week of March 2019.  The candidates are advised not to approach the BCSEA office for the same.

Clerical Paper Recheck Notification

Dates Activities Remarks
30/01/2019 – 07/02/2019 Receipt of applications A candidate can apply for all the subjects with a fee of Nu. 300/- per paper. A candidate may apply for same through G2C services or visit BCSEA office Thimph. No applications will be received on 5th and 6th February 2019 (Losar break).
  Clerical rechecks  
14/02/2019 Recheck result announcement Results with changes will be announced in print media and complete details will be up-loaded on the website


  • The G2C online services accepts applications for only TWO subjects, therefore, if the candidate wishes to re-check more than TWO subjects, he/she needs to visit BCSEA office Thimphu.
  • If transaction is unsuccessful while applying for recheck through G2C online education services, then the candidates will need to visit BCSEA office Thimphu.

The office will also remain open during weekends (2nd and 3rd February) to receive applications.