Aims and Objectives


  • Set a benchmark (baseline) profile of the knowledge, skills and competencies of the students in Bhutan.
  • Collect evidence about the readiness of the Bhutanese education system for entry into the main PISA in 2021.
  • Ensure adequate preparation for participation in the international benchmarking system and to perform well in the PISA-D (2017-2018)


In order to fulfill the above aims, it is only appropriate the schools are adequately prepared for a successful participation in PISA-D. Therefore, commencing February 2017, preparatory works shall be rolled out to the Dzongkhags and Schools through a three-tier administration and management structure with the following objectives:

  • To ensure that schools are appropriately prepared to partake in PISA-D
  • To enable students and teachers to be abreast with the PISA-D systems, questionnaires and tools.
  • To enable the schools to render appropriate and adequate interventions and support for the conduct of the PISA-D.
  • To ensure a seamless coordination and collaboration amongst stakeholders.