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Bhutan Council for School Examinations and Assessment
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Categories of schools and institutes (both government and private) affiliated to the Bhutan Council for School Examinations and Assessment (BCSEA) are as follows:
Higher Secondary Schools
Middle Secondary Schools
Central Schools
Institutes/Schools for Language and Culture Studies
Special Institutes

Conditions and Criteria for Affiliation
  • The newly opened schools/institutes intending to enroll students for classes X and XII are required to start from classes IX and XI respectively. The BHSEC, BCSE, LCSC X and LCSC XII are two-year courses and the school/institute should offer the complete courses.
  • The concerned schools/institutes intending to affiliate to BCSEA have to formally apply for affiliation with a copy of approval letter from the Ministry of Education. The procedure for affiliation should be over by the start of class IX and XI academic sessions.
  • The affiliation shall be granted only upon physical verification and fulfillment of the requirements of the BCSEA.
  • The schools already affiliated to BCSEA and offering BHSEC / BCSE examinations for courses not offered in Class IX or Class XI, should admit only the supplementary and private candidates.
  • However, the school can register supplementary or private candidates provided it has provisions to support practical and project assessment and meets the minimum number of ten candidates for a given course.
  • BCSEA will certify the affiliation of school/institute.
  • Certificates will be sent to newly upgraded (Class IX and XI) schools.
  • The school/institute will be instructed to follow the procedures given in the Rules and Regulations for the Conduct of Public Examinations.
  • The schools/institutes upgraded to X and XII are required to formally apply to BCSEA for registration of candidates for BCSE or BHSEC or LCSC X or LCSC XII before the start of the academic sessions.
  • Schools/institutes which would like to discontinue affiliation should formally intimate BCSEA in the beginning of the academic year.