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Citizen Satisfaction Survey on Key Public service
Dated: 2019-10-11

This has reference to letter no. PS-03/482 and PS-03/483 dated October 2nd, 2019 with regard to Citizen Satisfaction Survey on key public services. This is inline with the NKRA_9 to strengthen public service delivery. To this effect, a short online survey has been developed to encourage citizen participation. The citizen perception survey on the key public services is designed to strengthen citizen engagement in the delivery of public services.

The google form link is shared below for your necessary action. This may be made available on

1. Your respective website.
2. Share the link after the submission of the online application, or
3. Design a similar questioner for offline service to collect feedback manually .

click here for the link for online survey

The data shall be collected and will be used for evaluation of the APA of the respective agency for public services delivery from this FY.